SNS 3A series two-position three-way industrial solenoid pneumatic air exterior control valve

Short Description:

Great manufacturing, beautiful appearance and long service life.
Lightweight and compact structure, easy to install and use.
This is 2 position 3 way valve with stable performance.
Good wear resistance and pressure resistance.
Suitable for mechanical equipment, textile equipment and food processing.

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Product Description

Feature :
We strive to be perfect in every detail.
The aluminum alloy material makes the accessories light and compact,
the advanced manufacturing process makes the lifetime longer,
and the good seal ensures high quality.


Model 3A110-M5 3V120-M5 3A110-06 3A120-06 3A210-06 3A220-06 3A210-08 3A220-08 3A310-08 3A320-08 3A310-10 3A320-10
Working Media Air
Action Mode External air control
Position 3/2 Port
Effective Sectional Area 5.5mm²(Cv=0.31) 12.0mm²(CV=0.67) 14.0mm²(Cv=0.78) 16.0mm²(Cv=0.89) 25.0mm²(Cv=1.39) 30.0mm²(Cv=1.67)
Port Size Intake = outgassed =M5 x 0.8 Intake = outgassed =G1/8 Intake = outgassed =G1/4 Intake = outgassed =G1/4
Lubrication Need not
Working Pressure 0.15-0.8MPa
Proof Pressure 1.0MPa
Working Temperature 0-60℃
Max. Operating Frequency 5Times/second
Material Body Aluminum alloy
Seal NBR

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