SNS SR Series Top quality two position three way pneumatic aluminum alloy manual hand valve

Short Description:

Manual valve is a manual change element.When the valve is motioned by hand,the valve caitridge changes and thus changes the direction of airflow.
Valve is Easy to Operate, Easy to Install and Easy to Remove.
The Valve Body is Made of High Precision Aluminum with High Hardness and Long Service Life.
Each Thread is Finely Processed, No Burrs, Smooth and Easy to Install.
The Valve Body Contains a High Concentricity Seal Ring, Which is Not Easy to Leak, and the Rubber Pad with Lubricating Oil Reduces Friction.
The Inner Hole is Processed by Special Process, with Small Friction Resistance and Long Service Life.

Product Detail

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Product Description

■Feature :
We strive to be perfect in every detail.
Strict selection of each part including material and other spare parts.
Fine processing of thread, and valve body fufills high quality of hand valves.


Model SR110-06 SR110-06A SR110-08 SR210-08
Working Media Clean Air
Effective Sectional Area (mm²) 12(CV=0.67) 16(CV=0.89)
Port size G1/8 G1/4
Max. Working Pressure 0.8Mpa
Proof Pressure 1.0Mpa
Working Temperature Range -20-70℃
Lubrication NO Need
Material Body Aluminum Alloy
Seal NBR


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