The execution element of air claw is a variant cylinder. It uses compressed air as a power to capture objects to achieve various actions of robotics. Pneumatic claws are commonly known as air claws, grasping hands, and pneumatic fingers. It is widely used in all walks of life. The main role is to replace the grabbing work of people.



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The process is improved, the workmanship is exquisite, and the aluminum alloying cylinder is used, and it is treated with hard oxidation.High -precision paw head, select high -quality carbon steel, combine the hardness and accuracy, so that it is not stuck, the torque is constant, and the lightness is closed.


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We improve their parts. The key rocker and shafts use vacuum quenching, which reduces its losses in the process of long -term use. The mechanical gas claw life is longer, and it is not easy to swing and loose.There is a magnetic induction switch tank around the cylinder body, convenient installation, standard pore distance, densely sealed densely sealed, wear -resistant and durable, and small errors.Free installation, users can install fixtures according to their needs.


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