• SNS MHZ、MHC Series Pneumatic Finger Cylinder

    The execution element of air claw is a variant cylinder. It uses compressed air as a power to capture objects to achieve various actions of robotics. Pneumatic claws are commonly known as air claws, grasping hands, and pneumatic fingers. It is widely used in all walks of life. The main role is to...
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  • SNS EMS Series Second -line Electronic Sensor Magnetic Switch for Pneumatic Cylinder

    The magnetic switch has fundamentally solved the impact from any electric field interference due to the principle of magnetic induction. It is used to detect the location of the cylinder piston, that is, the motion itinerary of the piston. Using it can be more accurate and clearly expanded by the...
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  • SNS SCMQ Series Brass-Nickel Plated Mini Ball Valve

    The SCMQ mini ball valve is a switch that is used to cut off and connects the medium in the pipeline. It is mainly used to control regulating fluids. It can not only easily control the pipeline switch and traffic, but also have a beautiful effect.                                             ...
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  • What is a manual valve?

    What is a manual valve?

    Manual valves use handwheels, handles, levers, and sprockets to manipulate the valve action by manpower. When the valve opening and closing torque is large, this wheel or worm gear reducer can be set between the handwheel and the valve stem. If necessary, the universal joint and drive shaft can a...
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  • SNS LQE Series pneumatic compressed air quick release exhausting valve

    In order to speed up the action speed of the actuator, for some valves that have important effects in the process.Basically, the quick release exhausting valve will be configured.The LQE uses high -quality material aluminum exquisite and adjusts its structure, making it more sensitive, stronger i...
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  • SNS Pneumatic Smart Valve Island

    Valve Island is a control component composed of multiple solenoid valves. It integrates the control of signal input/output and signals according to needs or selection, like a control island. It has supporting a variety of communication protocols, which can be controlled remotely.            ...
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    Pneumatics is how air pressure powers and moves something. Essentially, pneumatics puts compressed air to practical use by moving applications like the tools and machinery used in the engineering, manufacturing and construction industries.                                                ...
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  • SNS pneumatic APU series Polyurethane hose

    Pneumatic hose is also known as pneumatic hose, air pressure hose, generally referred to as “trachea”. They have a wide variety and complete specifications. It is mainly suitable for all kinds of automation equipment with air as the main fluid, and can also be widely used in non-corro...
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  • What is a dust blower and related knowledge

    What is a dust blower and related knowledge

    Dust blowing guns are mainly used for dust removal in factories, installations and maintenance, and are most suitable for cleaning air pipes that are narrow, high and out of reach. working principle: The pneumatic dust blowing gun uses the principle of air amplification to effectively reduce the ...
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  • What is an air source processor?

    What is an air source processor?

    The air source processor is a mechanism that works through the force generated by gas pressure or expansion, and converts the elastic energy of the compressed air into a kinetic energy mechanism. Including air filter, pressure reducing valve, lubricator, etc. Startup products are widely used in a...
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  • SNS pneumatic 4VA/4VB series electronically controlled directional air valve

    4VA/AVB series electric control directional valve has four inherent advantages due to its special structure and sealing method: independent research and development of valve core, small size, small sliding friction force of spool, and large valve body volume .                                ...
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  • SNS pneumatic air 6V series electric solenoid valve

    6V series solenoid valve: low cost, small size, fast switching speed, simple wiring, low power consumption and other notable features. Therefore, it is widely used in all aspects of the automatic control field. The inner hole of the new 6V series is processed by a special process, so that the fri...
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