This year, SNS has not only passed the certification of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2020, the serial number is 2583. And won the "Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized" certificate issued by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department.


In recent years, SNS has continuously increased its training and investment in R&D teams, continuously optimized processes, innovated technologies, and developed new products, and established a solenoid valve reliability test laboratory jointly with Zhejiang University. In just one year from 2019 to 2020, 13 patents were applied for (including 3 invention patents, 8 utility models, and 2 appearance patents).

Good results are encouragement, but also spur. Relying on technology, SNS continues to innovate, increase R&D investment, enrich the stamina of enterprise development, and improve the company's brand image. Provide customers with more efficient services. Provide strong technical support for the company's future high-quality development!

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Post time: Feb-25-2021