Automatic Pressure Detection

The function of AUTOMATIC PRESSURE DETECTION is pressure leak protection.If pressure doesn’t change for more than 3 minutes ,this product will automatic disconnect relay,and display shows “E–l “.


Lack of water protection

If the pressure is lower than value of the water shortage protection set,the product will automatic judge in the pipe is lack of water,the product will stop the motor working,and display “E–F”.


Detection of protection

If the [ Lack of water protection](PART 8) function is started , and the pressure does not reach the water shortage protection pressure value within the set detection time, the relay will be disconnected and display E–F. This page will show you how to set the value of the detection time. Minimum time is 60 seconds,maximum time is 250 seconds.


Factory data reset

This page will teach you how to restore factory Settings.

* The system should be set carefully, the wrong setting may lead to abnormal operation, or even product damage, please professionals to set parameters, if you do not understand, please contact the dealer or manufacturer. Precautions for Use

1. Upon receipt of the product, please check whether the package and appearance are in good condition,and check whether the model and specification are consistent with the product you have purchased

2. Please check whether the power supply voltage is correct and whether the connection line is correct before power on.The company does not guarantee if the product is burned out or damaged due to faulty wiring.

3. Do not electric installation!

4. This product has a built-in pressure sensor, which is a precision device. Please do not disassemble it by yourself when using it, let alone touch the diaphragm with a hard object. To avoid damage to the product.

 5. During the installation, use hexagon wrench and do not install or remove it forcefully, otherwise the product will be easily damaged, especially the mounting thread and housing.

6. It may be affected by the mounting stress during the installation. After the installation, please zero clearning before using it!

7. In case of abnormal phenomena, please contact our after-sales technical personnel for the products unless you have the equipment and skills to adjust the products.If the precision of the product does not meet the requirements of the user, the user can calibrate by himself if he has a standard pressure source. Please consult our technical support for the calibration method.

Product Installation and Setup Instructions:

1. Product installation: Please use a wrench to strengthen the product during installation (rigidly firm by twisting the case)

2. To connect the lines, please correctly connect the lines according to the above wiring methods. After wiring, please carefully check whether the wiring is correct and then electrify (the wrong wiring may lead to burnt products).

Post time: Jun-25-2021