The magnetic switch has fundamentally solved the impact from any electric field interference due to the principle of magnetic induction. It is used to detect the location of the cylinder piston, that is, the motion itinerary of the piston. Using it can be more accurate and clearly expanded by the feedback cylinder piston. Using feedback signals, we can control the movements of other components, or control the cylinder itinerary. It is widely used in position control switches in rolling, coking, shipbuilding, mining and lifting, transportation, etc.



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EMS series second -line electronic magnetic switch is designed for short stroke cylinder. It will not protrude the cylinder body, short size, compact installation, easy to control.Precision processing, selection of high -quality materials, adopting anti -bending wires to increase the resistance of the anti -winding structure, more durability, and bring more outstanding performance to the component.



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1. When connecting the load of the two -line magnetic switch, you only need to connect the calculated load value and connect them in the positive potential.

2. The magnetic switch of the two -line wire cannot be directly connected to the power supply. Regardless of whether the magnetic switch is mechanical or electronic, the two -line switch itself is very small, which is equivalent to a wire. Directly connecting the power supply will cause a short circuit. The overload current in the circuit will damage the magnetic switch, causing the contacts to melt and closely closed, or directly burn out.

3. Please pay attention to the correct polarity of the two -line magnetic switch wiring.

4. When the magnetic switch is used as a magnetic switch, it ensures that there is no strong magnetism and no large amount of iron sales. Otherwise, the performance of the magnetic switch will be reduced, resulting in non -action or misclashing movements and reduced life.

5. The magnetic switch of the two -line type has a certain leakage current. It is necessary to ensure that the pneumatic current should be greater than the leakage current during use, otherwise it will cause misunderstanding.















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