4V210-08 solenoid valve has the characteristics of good sealing and sensitive response.


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Product Features:
1. Pilot mode: external and internal optional;
2. Sliding column structure, good sealing and sensitive response;
3. The three-position solenoid valve has three central functions to choose from;
4. The double-headed two-position solenoid valve has a memory function;
5. The inner hole is processed by special technology, with low friction resistance, low starting air pressure and long service life;
6. No need to add oil for lubrication;
7. The valve group can be integrated with the base to save installation space;
8. A manual device is attached to facilitate installation and commissioning;
9. There are a variety of standard voltage levels to choose from.



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Installation and use:
1. Before use, check whether the components are damaged during transportation, and then install and use;
2. When installing, please pay attention to whether the gas flow direction and the connection tooth shape are correct. The medium used must be filtered by a 40um filter element;
3. Please pay attention to whether the installation conditions meet the technical requirements (such as “voltage”, “operating frequency”, “working pressure”, “operating temperature range”, etc.), and then install and use;
4. Pay attention to the direction of gas flow during installation, P is the air inlet, A (B) is the working port, and R (S) is the exhaust port;
5. Try to avoid using it in a vibrating environment, and pay attention to anti-freezing measures at low temperatures;
6. When connecting the pipeline, pay attention to the wrap of the leak stop tape not to exceed the end surface of the joint tooth, and pay attention to removing dust, iron filings and other dirt in the pipeline joint to prevent impurities or foreign matter from entering the valve body;
7. Please pay attention to dust prevention. It is recommended to install a muffler or muffler throttle valve at the exhaust port. When dismantled and not in use, install dust boots on the air inlet and outlet.
8. When debugging the whole machine, it is recommended to use the manual device for debugging first, and then power on for debugging.



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