When the ordinary cylinder is working, due to the compressibility of the gas, when the external load changes greatly, the phenomenon of “crawling” or “self-propelled” will occur, which will make the work of the cylinder unstable. In order to make the cylinder move smoothly, a gas-liquid damping cylinder can be generally used.

The gas-liquid damping cylinder is also called the gas-liquid steady speed cylinder. It is composed of a cylinder and an oil cylinder. It uses compressed air as a power source, and uses the incompressibility of the oil and the control of the oil displacement to obtain the smooth movement of the piston. Adjust the movement speed of the piston.

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It connects the oil cylinder and the cylinder in series into a whole, and the two pistons are fixed on a piston rod.When air is supplied to the right end of the cylinder, the cylinder overcomes the external load and drives the cylinder to move to the left at the same time. At this time, the left cavity of the cylinder discharges oil and the one-way valve is closed. The oil slowly flows into the right cavity of the cylinder through the throttle valve, damping the movement of the entire piston.

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The purpose of adjusting the speed of the piston can be achieved by adjusting the size of the valve port of the throttle valve. When compressed air enters from the left cavity of the cylinder through the reversing valve, the right cavity of the cylinder drains oil. At this time, the one-way valve is opened, and the piston can quickly return to its original position.



The gas-liquid damping cylinder uses gas to push the hydraulic oil to make the cylinder move evenly and smoothly without shaking.This type of product can control the forward and backward speed of the cylinder through the two regulating valves in the middle cover. The extension is slow, the retraction is fast, or the extension is fast, and the retraction is slow, and it is convenient to use.


Air-liquid damping cylinders are mainly used in constant feed devices in machine tools and mechanical cutting. For example: printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, chip grinding), automation control, robotics and other fields.

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