SNS (CS1 Series) pneumatic cylinder magnetic sensor switch

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Model CS1-F CS1-U CS1-S CS1-J CS1-G CS1-M
Switch Logic NO
Switch Type magnetic spring pipe with connection point
Working Voltage 5~240 DC/AC
Maxi Switch Current Max.100MA
Maxi Loading Capacity Max.10W
Inner Loading Current NO
Residual Voitage Drop Max.2.5.V
Leakage Current NO
Indicator Green LED RED LED
Cable length 2M
Sensitivity 60 Gaussian
Maxi Switching Freaquency 200Hz
Operating Temperature Range -10~70
Impact Withstand 30G
Vibration Withstand 9G
Protection Grade IP67
Working Life China Made 5×10^6times
Foreign 1×10^7times


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