SNS pneumatic SAW Series relief type air source treatment unit air filter pressure regulator with gauge

Short Description:

SAW Series Air Treatment Units Has Compact Structure And Easy Installation And Use. Pressure Self-Locking Mechanism Can Prevent The Setting Pressure From Being Disturbed By External Disturbances. Pressure Loss Is Small And Water Distribution Efficiency Is High. For Example,SAW2000-01 Is Pressure Regulating Filter.2000 Indicates The Size Of The Outline.01 Indicates That The Diameter Of Its Connecting Pipe Is PT1 / 8.

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Model SAW2000-01 SAW2000-02 SAW3000-02 SAW3000-03
Port Size PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT3/8
Pressure Gange Port Size PT1/8 PT1/8 PT1/8 PT1/8
Rated Flow(L/Min) 550 550 550 550
Working Media Compressed Air
Proof Pressure 1.5Mpa
Range of Regulation 0.05~0.85Mpa
Ambient Temperature 5~60℃
Filter Precision 40μm(Normal) or 5μm(Customized)
Body material Aluminum Alloy
Bracket(one) B220 B320
Pressure Gange Y40-01
Material Aluminum Alloy
SAW2010: without  SAW3010: with(Steel)





Model Port Size A B C D E F G H J K L M ΦN P
SAW2000 PT1/8,PT1/4 40 163 64 42 47 30 25 42 5.5 8 42 1.6 33.5 40
SAW3000 PT1/4,PT3/8 53 229.5 83.5 53 29 41 20 50 6.5 8 53 2.5 50 53

Note :
NPT thread can be customized.


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