SNS SPA Series pneumatic one touch union straight air flow controller speed control valve with push-to-connect fittings

Short Description:

Pneumatic fittings are used in pneumatic piping. The tube fittings come in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping.
1.One touch type connection tool for air pressure piping.

2.Various uses depending on the user’s environment in limited spaces.

3.One action inserts the tube to release and connect easily.

4. Custom fitting as your drawing or we make drawing as your sample.

5. Raw Material conforms to ROHS standards.

Product Detail

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Product Description

. Feature :
We strive to be perfect in every detail.
Brass and plastic material make fittings light and compact, metal rivet nut realizes
longer service life. The sleeve with various sizes for option is very easy to connect
and disconnect. Good sealing performance ensures high quality.
Note :
1. NPT, PT, G thread are optional.
2. Pipe sleeve color can be customized.
3. Special type of fttings also can be customized.

Model ØD A L S F J Ød
SPA-4 SPA5/32 4 11 44 7 20 14 3.3
SPA-6 SPA1/4 6 15 48 9.5 31.5 20 4
SPA-8 SPA5/16 8 20 55 11.5 34 22 4
SPA-10 SPA3/8 10 21 69 11.5 37.5 26 4.5
SPA-12 SPA1/2 12 28 78 16 39.5 32 4.5


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