SNS HFS Series Pneumatic male thread connection electronic liquid flow control valve

Short Description:

Safe, long service life: Adjustable flow control value and stable action point.
Application: This product is used to measure the fluid dynamics of fluids passing through pipes such as water, ethylene diluents, glycols and other liquids that do not corrode copper.
Suitable for:Water flow switch is suitable for water treatment systems, central air conditioning, water cooling equipment.

Product Detail

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Product Description


Technical Specification

Model HFS-15 HFS-20 HFS-25
Working Media Non-corrosive liquid
Working Pressure 1.0MPa Below
Ambient Temperature Range 0-60℃
Max. Liquid Temperature 100℃
Electronic Switch SPDT (Single-pole Double-throw)
Connector Screw Terminal
Conductive Nozzle Plastic shell and 1/2”
Voltage Current 220VAC, 15A

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