SNS VHS residual pressure automatic air quick safety release valve used for Air source treatment unit Chinese manufacture

Short Description:

High safety performance
Stable operation
Fine tightness
Long service life
Beautiful appreance
Widely used in automatic devices, eg. light industry, chemical industry, textile, electron

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Product Description


Technical Specifications:

Model VHS2000~4000
Working Media Compressed Air
Working Pressure 0.1~1.0MPa
Fluid Temperature -5~60℃(Not Frozen)
Hand Wheel Switch Angle 90°
Color(Standard) Hand Wheel:Black,Body:Light Yellow
Body Material Aluminum Alloy


Model Port Size Effective Area(mm)^2() (Cv Value)
lnlet. Outlet Exhaust Port Inlet→Outlet Outle→Exhaust Port
VHS2000 PT1/8 PT1/8 10(0.54) 11(0.60)
PT1/4 14(0.76) 16(0.87)
VHS3000 PT1/4 PT1/4 16(0.87) 14(0.76)
PT3/8 31(1.68) 29(1.57)
VHS4000 PT1/4 PT3/8 27(1.46) 36(1.95)
PT3/8 38(2.06) 40(2.17)
PT1/2 55(2.98) 43(2.28)

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