SNS PSB Series factory air brass silencer pneumatic muffler fitting silencers

Short Description:

1. In the process of modern industrial production and equipment use, muffler can effectively reduce the noise of pneumatic
equipment, and can provide the best balance between noise reduction and acceptable back pressure in pneumatic system.

2. Generally speaking, mufflers have a wide range of sizes to fit most standard valves, and have solid integrated threads to ensure easy assembly to pneumatic devices.

3. Work at high temperature and high pressure without deformation.

4. Silencers can be weld and machine after final shape, so they can be adapted to specific assembling purpose.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Max.Working Pressure Range 1.0Mpa
Silencer 30DB
Working Temperature Range 5-60℃

Model M L H S
PSB-01 PT1/8 7.5 37 12
PSB-02 PT1/4 8.5 38.5 14
PSB-03 PT3/8 9.5 45 17
PSB-04 PT1/2 10.5 55 21
PSB-06 PT3/4 11.5 57.5 27


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