SNS pneumatic SAC Series FRL Relief type unit air source treatment combination air filter pressure regulator with lubricator

Short Description:

1,The working medium of gas source processor should use clean and dry compressed air, and the air in the piping should be fully blown to prevent impurities from bringing into the system and causing bad action of cylinders and valves. The fuel mist in the piping system should be lubricated.
2,After the air source processor maintains the normal operation of the system, it is necessary to check the working conditions of air filters and oil mists regularly, and to discharge and refuel water in time.
3,Often check the operation of various pneumatic components, check whether the fastening bolts are loose? Is there any damage or leakage in the seal of the element?
4,When maintaining, it is necessary to shut down the gas source beforehand and empty the compressed air in the pipeline system before carrying out maintenance work.
5,Components must be cleaned when repairing and reassembling, and impurities must not be brought into the system.

Product Detail

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Model SAC2000-01 SAC2000-02 SAC3000-01 SAC3000-02
Module Filter SAF2000 SAF2000 SAF3000 SAF3000
Regulator SAR2000 SAR2000 SAR3000 SAR3000
Lubricator SAL2000 SAL2000 SAL3000 SAL3000
Port Size PT1/8 PT1/4 PT1/4 PT1/4
Pressure Gauge Port Size PT1/8 PT1/8 PT1/8 PT1/8
Rated Flow(L/Min) 500 500 500 500
Working Media Compressed Air
Proof Pressure 1Mpa
Range of Regulation 0.05~0.85Mpa
Ambient Temperature 5~60℃
Filter Precision 40 μ m(Normal)or 5 μ m(Customized)
Suggested Lubricating Oil Turbine NO.1 Oil(ISO VG32)
Bracket(two) S220 S320
Pressure Gauge   Y40-01                                                          Square pressure gauge
Material Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Cup Material PC,ABS
Cup Cover SAC2000:without     SAC3000:with(Steel)




Model Port Size A B C D E F G H J K L M
AC2000 PT1/8,PT1/4 140 134 36 26.5 50 34 50 24 5 8 4.5 55
AC3000 PT1/4,PT3/8 183 187.5 42 52 29 41.5 65 34.5 7 11 6 70.5

Note :
NPT thread can be customized.



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